Stylus – Robot

RRP: £5.99


Product Description

Introducing the My Doodles Owl Stylus Pen

Designed with kids in mind, this owl stylus pen from My Doodles makes it easier to use touchscreen devices.

Fun Design

This useful robot stylus pen makes using a tablet without damaging it easy, and it’s comfortable for small hands to hold.


Compatible with most capacitive touchscreen tablets and smartphones (iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc), the rubber tip reduces the amount of fingerprints and won’t scratch the screen.

Great for Games

Because it provides greater accuracy, the My Doodles stylus pen is perfect for drawing and playing games.

About My Doodles

At My Doodles we’re all about making everyday things more exciting, which is why we’ve created a range of friendly characters and handy accessories to unleash your imagination. Designed to keep you company on your adventures, whether you’re exploring at home or outdoors, we’ve made sure that My Doodles is always around to brighten your day.


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