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Product Description

Introducing the My Doodles™ Audio Beanie

Combining a stylish, warm beanie with headphones that can be connected to your iPod, smartphone or MP3 player through a 3.5 mm jack, the KS Audio beanie brings fashion, practicality and music together.

Headphone Technology

Engineered by people who care about sound quality, the Audio Beanie has been designed using technology only usually seen in high-end headphones. With their 40 mm drivers, your music will sound punchy with solid bass and retain clarity, detail and sound stage. So you can enjoy an excellent sound experience whilst keeping your ears nice and toasty.

Stylish Design

Our designer has scoured the latest trends to come up with a collection of colours and designs ideal for brightening up the winter months.

Comfortable and Warm

With its stylish design and soft lining, this beanie is ideal for keeping your ears warm, while the adjustable speakers – which can be removed for washing – can be positioned to fit most head sizes.

Compatible, Connectible, Adjustable

The KS Audio Beanie can be used instead of your existing headphones and is easily connected to your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. Whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S III, all you have to do is simply connect to your device using the supplied 3.5 mm jack (which is the same as the one used for standard headphones).

The My Doodles Audio Beanie

Beanies have a widespread appeal, and you can now enjoy both enjoy the feeling in your ears and your music with the My Doodles Audio Beanie.

About My Doodles

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are My Doodles™ and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal – bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.


Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and MP3 players

Jack plug: 3.5 mm

Jack socket: 3.5 mm

Frequency response: 40 Hz – 18 kHz

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Avoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times. For your own safety, please do not use when driving or cycling.

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