A few of our most popular questions:

What new characters are coming next?

We are continuously discovering new characters that want to join the My Doodles family, and we often share some of our ideas on Facebook and Twitter, so check those out regularly!

Why can’t I find some products in my favourite character?

Our family consist of eight main characters, and their buddies do not appear so often, which means that not every product is created for each character. However, if there’s a product and character combination that you desperately want, let us know!

I think my product is faulty, what do I do?

Whoops! Something may have gone wrong, and your first stop should be the retailer that you purchased from. They should be able to replace your product for a new one.

How can I buy My Doodles products – I can’t find a shop on your website.

All of our characters live out in the wild, which means that you cannot purchase them here. Instead, they are available through a variety of online and instore retailers.

Can I stock My Doodles products?

If you are interested in stocking My Doodles products in your store, then let us know!

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